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Mau Lao


If you follow Olson guitars then you are probably aware that Phil Keaggy and James Taylor have been playing Olson guitars for well over 25 years. But most of our instruments end up in the hands of players who, though not widely known, are great players in their own right. We would like to introduce you one of our favorite players on our Featured Artist page. We are proud to feature Mau Lao and a few of his compositions. Be sure to check out Mau’s YouTube channel and Facebook page for more music and information.

About Mau

Mau Lao is a musician based in Montreal, Canada. Drawing from classical and traditional inspirations, Mau’s instrumental compositions comprise evocative melodic sketches filled with hope and melancholy, love and sadness. The musical landscapes he fashions invite the listener to embark on a peaceful, introspective journey that both inspires the mind and soothes the soul.

Mau’s Guitars

Mau’s collection of acoustic guitars includes a Martin, several Gibsons, as well as custom instruments from luthiers Bruce Petros and Jim Olson. While Mau commissioned three guitars from Jim, his main instrument is an SJ model that was built in 2013. It features a cedar top, Brazilian rosewood back and sides, and style 42 appointments.



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