What are the prices and current wait for an Olson Guitar?

For a set price of $15,000, Jim will accomodate most requests. The current wait time for custom orders is approximately 9 months. This price includes your choice of a wide variety of optional woods and appointments, including abalone treatments similar to the JTSM model. Premium options, such as Brazilian rosewood, or highly customized inlays would add to the cost. Visit the Ordering. page for more information. Contact Jim by phone or E-mail ( jolson(at) ) to talk to him personally about the specifics of making your dream guitar.

How many guitars does Jim make in a year?

Jim has made as many as 60 in a year and as few as a dozen in the “lean” years of the early 80’s when the business income was supplimented by doing repairs for local music stores. In recent years the numbers have been averaging around 30 per year. In 2015 he completed his 1500th guitar.

Does Jim have helpers?

Jim has been making guitars since 1977. He has occasionally had a helper (or apprentice). For the last few years Jim has preferred to work alone and performs every aspect of constuction himself. His wife Sue has been an invaluable help with office work and basic moral support!

Where is the serial number on my Olson?

Currently the date and serial number are visible on the neck block (inside the guitar) where it is laser engraved. Jim signs, dates, and numbers each guitar on the underside of the top, roughly under the area where the pickguard is (or would be) located. You’ll need a small mirror to read it, and it will be backwards! On his very early guitars (maybe the first 250 or so), he did put signed labels glued to the back and visible through the soundhole. This is no longer done. In 2015 he completed his 1500th guitar. All guitars are consecutively numbered and started with number 1.

Is my 25% deposit refundable if I cancel my order before completion?

Your deposit is refundable less a $1000 penalty.


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