The James Taylor Signature Models


Each JT Signature Model guitar bears a label personally signed by both James Taylor and Jim Olson, visible through the soundhole. Inside, the neck head block is laser-engraved with the “James Taylor Signature Model” designation, in addition to the serial number and year of construction.

Jim will craft a total of 100 JT models: 80 “Standard” JT models, and 10 each of two “Special Edition” JT models that supplement the standard model with special appointments and woods (a Special Edition Model is pictured above). The Standard JT model is available for $15,000. Special Edition models command higher prices; contact Jim directly for further information.

The Standard JT Model ( Series I ) This model is Sold Out


  • SJ non-cutaway body shape
  • Cedar top
  • East Indian rosewood back and sides
  • Rosewood binding
  • 5-piece laminated neck
  • Abalone dove and “O” inlays
  • Abalone soundhole trim
  • Abalone trim around the top edge, back center strip, and endblock wedge
  • Custom Gotoh 510 “rock steady post” tuners with “O” logo goldtone casings and black faux-ebony knobs
  • Custom Calton “Deluxe” hardshell case with “O” embossed on the lid

The (Series II) & (Series III) Special Edition JTSM Signature Models are Sold Out

Special Edition JT models share the basic specifications of the standard model, but supplement them. Ten Indian rosewood special edition JT models will be built with these additional appointments:

  • Double-inlayed dove and “O” inlays, with mother-of-pearl borders surrounding abalone inserts (the “O” is pictured below, left; doves below, right)
  • Special soundhole rosette with an abalone ring surrounded by Brazillian rosewood inserts carefully cut and shaped to have a radial grain pattern (visible above and below, right)
  • Ebony peghead back with white-black-white purfling
  • White-black-white purfling around the fingerboard (visible below, right)

In addition, ten Brazillian rosewood special edition JT models were built with the above appointments, but substituting select Brazilian rosewood for the guitar back and sides. All of the Brazilian JT Signature Model guitars have been sold.

James Taylor- Acoustic Guitar Magazine – Oct 2015

Asked about his custom-made guitar, Taylor says, It has very low action. ( Jim ) makes a guitar that is very stable, very reliable. All of my Olson’s have lasted– I’ve played them on the road and they have stoodup well. I’ve abused them terribly, but he is around to fix them, so that’s a crucial relationship we have.

James Taylor

James & Jim: The beginning of a beautiful friendship

There aren’t many players and luthiers as inextricably linked as James Taylor and Jim Olson. Guitar players are a notoriously fickle bunch, prone to acquisitiveness, seemingly more likely than most to covet thy neighbor’s toys, but Taylor defies the stereotype, and he has been faithful to Olson since the latter found a way to get one of his guitars into the hands of the former way back in 1989. Jim has built eight guitars for James over the years, starting with an unsolicited SJ with a cutaway. Read the Full Article at


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