James & Jim: The beginning of a beautiful friendship

There aren’t many players and luthiers as inextricably linked as James Taylor and Jim Olson. Guitar players are a notoriously fickle bunch, prone to acquisitiveness, seemingly more likely than most to covet thy neighbor’s toys, but Taylor defies the stereotype, and he has been faithful to Olson since the latter found a way to get one of his guitars into the hands of the former way back in 1989. Jim has built eight guitars for James over the years, starting with an unsolicited SJ with a cutaway. Read the Full Article at FretboardJournal.com

James Taylor- Acoustic Guitar Magazine – Oct 2015

Asked about his custom-made guitar, Taylor says, It has very low action. ( Jim ) makes a guitar that is very stable, very reliable. All of my Olson’s have lasted– I’ve played them on the road and they have stoodup well. I’ve abused them terribly, but he is around to fix them, so that’s a crucial relationship we have.