The adventure of a lifetime!

In March of 2015, I had the adventure of a lifetime!

It began when I was planning a trip to visit my friends Bob Taylor (to tour their new Mexican facility), and also to visit with Doug Shane (to tour The Space Ship Company) . Doug is now the President of Richard Branson’s space tourism project.

Bob was also interested in the Space Ship Company tour, and Doug was interested in seeing the new Taylor factory. Doug is a great guitar player! The problem is the distance between the two companies is about a 6 hour drive. We were trying to figure out how to coordinate it all when Bob graciously said ” How about we take our jet”. “Jim, you spend
the night here with me, in the morning we can fly out to visit Doug and spend the day with him. Doug can fly back with us and you guys can spend the night with me and in the morning I will drive you both to Mexico”. Wow!! how cool is that! Count me in!

I have put together a few highlight photos from the trip. I can’t say enough about Bob and his generosity to me over the years. The guidance and inspiration he has given me is priceless. Two Taylor’s have changed my life. Bob and James.. I am forever grateful.