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Leo plays a 6-string Olson guitar with Indian rosewood back and sides, as well as his Taylor signature 12- and 6-string guitars. You'll find lots more info about Leo at his official web site,,

With over 10 CD's to her credit, Patty Larkin has won an unprecedented 11 Boston Music Awards, and is also the recipient of the "Distinguished Alumnae Award" from the Berklee College of Music and "Patty Larkin Appreciation Day," a proclamation by Boston's mayor, Thomas Menino. Patty is a "must see" live performer who will not only dazzle you with her amazing guitar skills and vocals, but will also have you holding your side laughing with her humor! Patty plays a 1993 spruce-top Olson SJ Cut-away. You'll find her web page at Patty Larkin

Known for his "blistering" telecaster work, Arthur is also a master at "looping" in live performances. Touring as a multi-instrumental solo act Arthur calls "A One-Man Afrograss Folk Rock Ensemble," he utilizes "loop" (live recording) technology to create a full band sound by layering African percussion, bass, acoustic & electric guitars, guitar synth, vocals and talk box. His talents are showcased in the 2006 live DVD Looping In The House. Voted Best Singer/Songwriter by Colorado's Marquee Magazine for their 2005 Front Row Awards. Arthur Lee Land’s latest CD Dragonfly, released in 2005 on Perfect Groove Records, was produced by Grammy Award Nominated songwriter and producer Wendy Waldman. Arthur performs live on his 1985 Olson Maple Jumbo. You'll find his web page at Arthur Lee.

A renowned country artist (three gold albums and 19 Top-Ten singles as of the summer of 1995) and Grammy award winner, Kathy Mattea certainly took the country music world by storm. Although a long time Taylor Guitar endorser, Jim was thrilled when both she and her Grammy winning singer songwriter husband Jon Vesner ordered their Olson's in the early 90's. You can read more about Kathy on her web site Kathy Mattea.

Mac McAnally, a five time CMA Musician of the Year Award winner, Producer, and a long time member of Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefer Band has been seen in the last few years "occasionally" sporting an Olson SJ. Mac has a lot of great guitars and we are honored to see an Olson in his arsenal!

Jim Olson gave a left-handed SJ cutaway to Paul McCartney in 1991, via Phil Keaggy (who was performing at the wedding of Laura Eastman, sister to Linda McCartney). The gift and ensuing jam session between Paul and Phil was documented in the Phil Keaggy Newsletter. On August 21st 1965, Jim ( then 15), was fortunate to see the Beatles perform at the Met Stadium in Minneapolis.

Originally a co-founder of the British invasion group the Hollies, Graham Nash is without question one of the most enduring figures of rock and roll. Beside being a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee with the legendary group Crosby, Stills and Nash, He is a lifelong photo enthusiast and pioneer in digital imaging. Read about Graham's many accomplishments at the Graham Nash site. Here is some of what Graham had to say about his new guitar: ... "the THING IS INCREDIBLE...... this guitar makes me feel great....It's wonderful when ones expectations are realized... 100 fold... I don't effuse much but good Lord, what a score... again my sincere thanks"....

The late Lou Reed is probably best known for his early 70s hit, "Take a Walk on the Wild Side." But that was merely an early milestone in a long and productive career that crosses many musical boundaries. Visit the Official Lou Reed Web Site for more info about Lou.

Sting (Gordon Matthew Sumner) called Jim to order an Olson guitar in the Spring of 1994. The photo here was taken from the liner the Chieftans The Long Black Veil CD, on which Sting appeared as a guest artist.

James Taylor bought three Olson's in 1989. An SJ cut-away, SJ non cut-away, and a Dreadnought. All Cedar topped. He is still performing with them today. A true American icon, it is most likely because of his exposure that Olson Guitars are known to you today. We love you James! You can read more on our James Taylor Signature Model page.

Canadian Ian Tyson's illustrious career as a folk and cowboy musician has spanned three decades. His professional career began with the 60s folk duo, Ian and Sylvia, and from there moved to country-rock. After a hiatus as a horse trainer and rancher in Alberta, Tyson returned to the music world with his "new western music." His second music career keeps him busy touring all over North America, from Canada to Mexico. He has received numerous music awards, and is also a recipient of the Order of Canada. For more info about Tyson's career, visit The Legendary Ian Tyson Official Website. The especially beautiful photo of Tyson performing live with his Olson shown here is by Todd Korol.

Dave Walser is a long time Olson owner and founding member of the three piece band known as Beatlegras. They covered classic Beatles songs with a bluegrass flair. Also known as Sgt. Peppers Lonely Bluegrass Band.

Cheryl is one of the most influential of the "new" crop of singer/songwriters. Besides being a talented songwriter, singer, and player, she is also renowned for her hilarious improvisational storytelling between songs in her live performances. Her first Olson SJ, "Osgood," is now in the more-than-capable hands of Al Petteway; Cheryl is now playing a newer SJ with a narrower neck. You can find out more about Cheryl and her music at Bill Pringle's Cheryl Wheeler Home Page

David began playing Olson Guitars in the early 90's. A true wordsmith and incredible with "open tunings" he is not to be missed! These days he is traveling mostly with his indestructible "Rainsong" carbon fiber guitar.

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