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30th Anniversary Guitars

For Jim’s 30th Anniversary (1977 to 2007) he made two very special guitars commemorative guitars. One cut-way and one non cut-way. They featured Brazilian Rosewood back and sides with cedar tops as well as rare Brazilian Rosewood necks. The fingerboards were inlayed by Larry Robinson using Gold, Silver,
Copper and traditional shell. See Premier Guitar Magazines Modern Builders Vault feature on this guitar

30th Anniversary Cutaway

Jim’s 30th Anniversary Cutaway
See Premier Guitar Magazines Modern Builders Vault feature on this guitar

Brazilian SJ “Museum Guitar”

This guitar was created for display at the “Plains Art Museum” in Fargo, North Dakota. The display was called the “Art of the Guitar” and ran from Febraury to July of 2009. It is now available for sale. A “Special Reserve” highly figured Brazilian Rosewood SJ. Perhaps the most unique piece of Brazilian Jim has ever encountered. This guitar has all the options! Master Grade Western red Cedar top. Paua top edge with Paua 42 style fingerboard extension. Paua top and back edge perimeters. Brazilian Rosewood and Paua rosette. Brazilian bindings with Brazilian and Paua end wedge borders . Paua fingerboard and headstock perimeter edging. Full vine inlay on fingerboard and partial vine on headstock front with Paua infilled “O”. Brazilian Rosewood peghead back veneer with WBW purfling and ebony edging. All inlay and every aspect of construction performed soley by Jim. Includes “Deluxe” Calton case.

Pink Ivory SJ

Pink ivory is an African wood and is extrememly rare in sizes large enough for guitars. This wood is *NOT* stained. This is the natural color of the wood. A first for Olson guitars. This guitar sports a European Spruce top, wide paua rosette. Paua top perimeter edging, back center strip, and end wedge borders. Dark Brazilian fingerboard, bridge, and headstock. The Hummingbird inlays are done by Craig Lavin.

1300th Brazilian SJ

This guitar was done to commemorate Jim’s 1300th guitar made. Numbered consecutively starting with number 1, Jim has always done something special for every 100th, and this is no exception. The guitar features figured Brazilian Rosewood back and sides and a Master grade Cedar top. Larry Robinson floral inlays with a commemorative 1300th theme. Paua shell appointments. Comes with the “Collector Series” designation lasered on the neck block.

Pernambuco SJ

Pernambuco is an extrememly rare Brazilian wood know mostly for its use in violin bows. It is almost never seen in sizes large enough for guitar backs and sides. This is a first ever for an Olson guitar. Peacock inlay by Larry Robinson.

The “Tree” Mahogany SJ

A highly figured Honduran Mahogany SJ with a Cedar top. This rare Mahogany was from the famous “Tree” that was written about in “Fine Woodworking” magazine because of its rare and beautiful figure. Brazilian top edge perimeter, back center strip, end wedge borders, bindings, and headstock veneers.

Brazilian Rosewood SJ cut-away

The Brazilian Rosewood in this guitar came from a salvaged “beam” that Jim was able to purchase during a trip to Brazil. Old growth, straight grained and quarter sawn, it sports the characteristics many consider the “grail” of Brazilian. Paua shell top perimeter edge, back center strip, and end wedge borders. Optional paua fingerboard and headstock edging. Koa bindings with Koa infilled doves and “O” logo.

Pernambuco SJ

An extremely rare Brazilian wood, this beautiful three-dimensional Pernambuco back and sides is mostly known for violin bows. A master grade European spruce top, ebony fingerboard and bridge. Ebony headstock with Pernambuco headstock back inset. Paua abalone infilled dove fingerboard inlays with matching infilled dove bridge wings. Paua infilled headstock “O” logo. Paua backstrip and end wedge borders. Dark Pernambuco body bindings and pernambuco heel cap insert. Custom large “one ring” Paua abalone rosette. Fingerboard wbw purfling. Satin Gold Gotoh tuners with “O” logo and ebony buttons. Honey beige Calton deluxe case with embossed “O” logo on lid.

Sheoak SJ

Sheoak is a rare wood from Tasmania. This was a first ever for Olson Guitars. This SJ has a European spruce top with Brazilian binding and soundhole appointments. Orca inlays by Craig Lavin.

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